Authors to Check Out!

Below are links to fantastic crime novelists. Check them out immediately, if not sooner.

Steve Ulfelder’s PI Conway Sax is hands down my favorite detective series going. The series begins with Purgatory Chasm.

Paul D. Marks’s Shamus Award-winning novel White Heat is great.

James L. Thane writes wonderful crime novels set in Phoenix. I particularly enjoyed Until Death.

Ed Lynskey writes, among others, the Frank Johnson PI series. My favorite is The Zinc Zoo.

Gutherie’s work is pure noir!

Atkins is arguably the best crime writer in America. Brilliant stuff. Check out the Quinn Colson series, which begins with The Ranger.

The Elvis Cole series is one of my all-time favorites.

I really like Walla Walla Suite (A Room with No View) by Anne Argula, which is the literary alias of Darryl Ponicsan.

This is the author’s blog, but his very, very, very good crime novel called Don’t Ever Get Old can be bought through this website.






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